Nine months in the Canaries? Become a ESC volunteer

Youth Winds is a European Solidarity Corps Project that will take place at the village of San Andrés y Sauces, in the eastern part of the island of La Palma one of the Canary Islands.

The two volunteers will work at the Punto de Información Juvenil the municipality Youth Centre that promote actions together with the local youth, like a community ecological garden, educational games, language exchanges, photography workshops, films club, dance workshops, and others based on the proposals and demands of local youngsters and also the volunteers proposals and interest.

Outside the centre, volunteers will carry out activities in secondary schools throughout the region, such as presentations of the Erasmus + program and the European Solidarity Corps. They will also carry out activities of dynamization in the Nursery school like traditional games and dances, with the children of the centre and their families. They will also carry out activities of accompaniment and dynamization in the Eldery Center, always with the support and supervision of the workers of each public service.

The volunteers will be part of the Punto de Información Juvenil  team for 9 months, starting the 1st July 2019, and ending, 31th March 2020.

European Solidarity Corps project are funded by European Commision trought Erasmus+.

Youth Winds – European Solidarity Corps

Isla CreActiva

La Palma- San Andrés y Sauces

9 months, starting from 1st of july 2019

2 volunteers from Italy and Bulgaria(18-30 anni)

community ecological garden, educational games, language exchanges, photography workshops, films club, dance workshops etc..

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Youth Winds, is a way of communication between the youth of the rural municipality of San Andrés y Sauces in La Palma, to get closer to Europe and for young European volunteers to live together in an island of the outermost region of the Canary Islands.

The project was born from the demand of the local youth group to have more participation and dynamization activities, which want to have the same opportunities for learning, leisure and culture as any city in Europe. Therefore, the Youth Information Point has launched this initiative of volunteering with the aim of expanding the cultural, leisure and participatory options among local youth, as well as publicize the opportunities offered by Europe in the fields of non-formal education.

With Youth Winds project we want to promote the values of European citizenship in the rural community, especially the tolerance towards diversity, inclusion and active citizenship, through activities of youth work that invite the participation not only of the young people of the municipality, but also the rest of the community, by the side activities with the Eldery Center, and the Nursery School.

As a result, we hope to achieve, on the one hand, an enriching mutual learning experience, both for the young volunteers, as well as for the local youth who will participate in the workshops and activities. On the other hand, we want to improve the belonging feeling to Europe among local youth and increase participation in other European educational and youth programs. Finally, we expect an improvement in the active participation of young people in the local community, with more activities promoted by the young people themselves.

If you want to be part of this project, you need to send us before 15th May your CV and motivation letter to: e

(you can also send your motivation letter in a form of a short video)

Also you need to full fill the online form

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